Open the world of new flavors with diverse Heets sticks

Sticks for tobacco heating systems have become one of the best alternatives to traditional cigarettes in recent years. A variety of pleasant flavors along with the minimum risks for health make them a wonderful solution to get rid of a bad habit. Heets are the most popular and numerous type of sticks. Find out more about their peculiarities and benefits.


What are Heets?

Heets are special sticks, which are designed for tobacco heating systems developed by Philip Morris International. The same company is responsible for the creation of innovative smoking devices. Heets were the first type of such products.

Thanks to a special construction, they allow warming the tobacco instead of burning it like it happens with traditional cigarettes. There’re two main parts in each stick — a filtering system and the tobacco part. The filtering system is innovative to provide a smooth and pleasant smoking experience. The filter is able to eliminate the excessive moisture from the vapor produced. As a result, you only feel the genuine taste of premium tobacco.

It’s also necessary to mention the quality of the components. The tobacco used for Heets is carefully selected. Three popular varieties of it are usually used — Virginia, Burley, and Oriental. The tobacco in sticks doesn’t look like tobacco in plain cigarettes due to a different processing technology used. The tobacco gets dried, fermented, and then ground to become suitable for pretty compact sticks. The diversity of tobacco blends became possible thanks to the constant work of the manufacturer. Numerous mixtures are available today while new ones are regularly created to meet the requirements of every smoker.

Many people are curious about how much nicotine in IQOS Heets. That depends on the product you choose. On average, each stick contains 0.5 grams of tobacco, which translates to around 6 mg of nicotine. Besides, tobacco heating systems offer effective nicotine delivery to help smokers feel satisfied much faster in comparison to standard cigarettes.

Open the world of new flavors with diverse Heets sticks

Is IQOS compatible with HEETS?

The main question connected with Heets concerns the devices that might be used with them. Heets are created for the first series of IQOS products. Thanks to this, the sticks are absolutely compatible with the previous and new versions of the devices, including IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS ONE, IQOS 2.4, and other models.

Those devices have a special construction, which presupposes the presence of a heating blade inside of them. With the help of it, the tobacco inside Heets can be evenly warmed to produce vapor and a wonderful smoking experience.


Varieties of Heets

The manufacturer offers a great diversity of flavors. In general, the following categories of Heets exist:

  • Classic tastes. These varieties include traditional flavors for conservative smokers: with hints of nuts, cocoa, light citrus, and others. The products have amber, bronze, slate, gold, and other series.
  • Aromatic flavors with menthol. Such varieties are more unusual and might include various notes of berries, citruses, and fruits supplemented with menthol. The main difference in this line is the presence of freshness in every flavor.
  • Premium blends. If you are looking for something really special, these exotic blends are perfect. They are intense and very aromatic. The mixtures are represented by an interesting fusion of tastes.
  • Capsule series. This is another product line that offers pleasant freshness along with juicy and sweet aromas. You can choose from fruit or berry tastes to feel satisfied with a smoking experience.

Opt for the best Heets for your IQOS and make the process of smoking healthier and more pleasant!

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