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Hurry up to order one of the top varieties of sticks and enjoy a wonderful taste

In recent years, Heets and other sticks developed by Philip Morris International have almost replaced standard cigarettes, which are harmful and not always comfortable to smoke. While it’s hard to find a perfect cigarette taste and the smoke we breathe in does harm to our health, there’s no such problem with Heets and other products of a kind. Smokers have already rested numerous flavors and defined the top ones. Take your time to buy the best sticks from a limited collection of the Sticks7 online store.

How do IQOS sticks work?

Heets sticks are original products developed by Philip Morris International to provide people with a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. To use such products for smoking, a special device is required. The latest uses a special system that allows warming the tobacco instead of burning it.

For Heets products, the main IQOS series devices are required. They contain a special blade, with the help of which the fragrant tobacco inside of the stick gets heated. As a result, a vapor is produced. It passes through a special filter to eliminate unnecessary moisture. A person breathes in a flavored vapor, which is very similar to smoke but has minimum harm to our health and environment. Heets products use premium tobacco, which is carefully selected by the manufacturer to allow smokers to discover genuine tastes.

Another variety of sticks for warming systems, which is extremely popular among smokers, is Fiit. These products are created especially for Lil Solid — another brand of the manufacturer. Fiit products look similar to Heets. However, Lil uses a rod instead of a blade to warm the tobacco. Thus, the taste is disclosed in a different way. Besides, Lil Solid is a single device, while IQOS has a separate charger.

The benefits of sticks for IQOS: why do people choose them?

The use of various heating systems is already a trend. It demonstrates not just the fact a person takes care of his or her health but also the status and perfect taste. As for the main benefits of such products, we can call the following:

  • The highest quality of fragrant tobacco
  • The diversity of flavors from traditional blends to extraordinary fruit tastes
  • The comfort of usage thanks to the opportunity to stop or start smoking with a press of a button
  • Money saving due to the fact that there’s no need to throw the cigarette away when you have to stop smoking
  • Minimum harm to human health because there’s no burning process and, as a result, no smoke is produced
  • No harm to the environment due to the absence of emissions caused by burning.

All of the above-mentioned benefits as well as many other advantages make many smokers change their habits. What’s more, sticks for IQOS tobacco warming system can become a good start for those who want to give up smoking at all. All you need is to choose a suitable variation for you to enjoy an exceptional taste while smoking Heets limited flavors.

Heets limited to buy at Sticks7: current assortment

At the Sticks7 online store, you can find a collection of the finest and most popular tobacco blends in sticks, which will be absolutely compatible with your original devices. The number of packs is limited, so it’s necessary to hurry up to order the flavors you’d like to taste. Currently, the assortment includes the following options:

  1. Heets for IQOS 3 DUO and other versions of the devices in this series:
  • Gold Selection. These sticks for tobacco heating systems contain an exceptional tobacco blend for lovers of traditional tastes. The tobacco is supplemented with pleasant woody notes and a light refreshing shade, which make the process of smoking pleasant as never before.
  • Satin Fuse. It’s an extraordinary flavor, which will be suitable for smokers who adore unusual fresh notes of fruit. The blend contains the softest tobacco taste, which is reinforced by a mix of different tropical fruits. You will also like the delicate, pleasant, and unobtrusive aroma.
  • Slate Selection. This is another popular tobacco blend, which is characterized by very soft tobacco, which is supplemented with the lightest citrus touches. The flavor is very pleasant and refreshing. A subtle aroma makes it even more popular among IQOS smokers.
  1. Fiit for Lil Solid:
  • This amazing taste is popular among the fans of coolness and freshness. It will provide a nice balanced taste of menthol with a slight and smooth note of herbs.
  • Regular Deep. It is one of the traditional tobacco blends. Conservative smokers will appreciate its delicate flavor, which will capture their hearts. There’s nothing superfluous here that can distract you from the pure taste of premium tobacco.
  • This juicy and very refreshing flavor is very popular among smokers. Delicious fruit tastes are combined with light mint touches. The variation will also surprise you with its exceptional aroma, which is bright but still unobtrusive.

The section of Limited Sticks for innovative tobacco heating systems is constantly updated in order to offer smokers the best and most delicious blends. Follow our updates to be the first to try the most popular varieties.

Why to buy sticks at Sticks7?

The Sticks7 online store is a unique place, where everyone can find perfect tobacco blends in accordance with their tastes. Our benefits include:

  • A wide choice of stick flavors available in stock
  • Original quality and premium tobacco
  • The accessibility of limited flavors to every customer
  • Affordable pricesfor original products
  • Absolute compatibility of sticks and tobacco heating devices
  • Regular sales and discounts
  • The possibility of delivery across the USA.

Hurry up to observe our collection and buy Heets limited flavors by placing an order. We’ll deliver your sticks as soon as possible to let you enjoy the perfect smoking experience and unique flavors with minimum harm to your health.

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