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Feel the exceptional tobacco flavors with compact and efficient Lil Solid devices

Many modern people want to change the way they smoke or to give up this habit. Thanks to the creations of Philip Morris International, it’s now possible to enjoy the original tastes of premium tobacco with less harm to health. One of the popular devices that can offer a pleasant smoking experience is called Lil Solid. This heating system from a well-known manufacturer has many benefits, which everyone can test by making an order at the Sticks7 online store.


The construction of Lil

In general, the device looks very similar to all the other variations of IQOS systems. It’s nice, compact, and easy-to-use. However, there are certain differences connected with the construction of Lil. Thus, while the majority of IQOS devices contain a holder and a charger (which are separate from each other), Lil is represented as a single unit. Thanks to this, it’s more comfortable to use it without any risks of losing one of the parts. In addition, it has a standard USB Type B socket, which is common to the majority of devices. It makes the process of charging easy wherever you are. Besides, there’s just one button on a panel to turn the device on and off.

Another difference concerns the inner structure. You probably know that all IQOS devices are equipped with a warming blade, which might be situated inside the device itself or inside the sticks. The heating element used in Lil is more innovative. It’s a holistic heating pin, which has the form of a rod. With the help of it, the premium tobacco in sticks can be fast and evenly heated. As a result, a vapor is produced, which has no harm to the environment and human health. And the process of smoking becomes extremely pleasant.

It is important to mention the battery efficiency. There’s no need to charge the device very often. Thanks to the quality of all elements, you can make up to 4 sessions at the beginning of usage. With a fully charged device, a smoker will enjoy up to 20 smoking sessions.

The rest of the characteristics are the same, so Lil is able to offer all the advantages of any IQOS device.


The peculiarities of the device

The manufacturer makes an emphasis on the main purpose of the device creation. The task is to reduce the harmful impact on the environment and offer people a quality alternative to standard cigarettes. And Philip Morris International managed to do that. The company created a lightweight and stylish device, which presupposes no burning and no combustion products release.

The system is focused on a more effective nicotine delivery (because this is actually the reason for millions of people to smoke). Thus, the delivery system became more efficient, so smokers can now feel satisfied much faster in comparison with traditional cigarettes. And they required fewer sticks to feel good. At the same time, Lil helps discover the genuine taste and aroma of high-quality tobacco blends without smoke and ash.

Lil was created to be comfortable not just for smokers but for people around. Lil can be legally used in more areas compared to standard cigarettes due to the absence of burning and unpleasant smells. What’s more, the manufacturer made Lil more resistant, so smokers can use it in various conditions and temperatures (from 32 °F to 104 °F). As a result, the tobacco heating system became popular across the world.

It is important to mention that the manufacturer created special sticks, which are absolutely compatible with Lil. They are called Fiit and contain traditional premium-quality tobacco for a wonderful smoking experience. Even though the size and form are very close to Heets, there’s a great difference that concerns the absence of foil in Fiit. Thus, it is better to use only compatible sticks recommended by the manufacturer.


Why to buy Lil Solid — the key benefits

Not just former cigarette smokers but also IQOS owners decided to shift to Lil. Such a decision is connected with a great number of advantages provided by innovative Lil Solid. Here are just a few of them:

  • Greater safety. It is a healthier alternative for the human body due to the absence of the burning process and smoke. As a result, there’s not such a negative impact on the respiratory system compared to standard cigarettes. The absence of release of combustion products makes Lil safer for the environment as well.
  • The comfort of usage. The device is small and light, so it’s pleasant to hold it in hand and comfortable to take with you in a pocket, bag, etc. What’s more, it’s possible to start or stop smoking whenever you need by just pressing one button. The system requires a few seconds to warm the tobacco and start the smoking session.
  • Long-lasting battery. You will enjoy more sessions without recharging the device. In addition, the battery in general will provide a longer service life.
  • A diversity of stick flavors. There are several different tastes presented in the collection for Lil Solid. There exist nutty, fruit, berry, citrus, and floral notes. Thus, everyone will find a perfect variation.
  • Suitable for any conditions. While previous devices had certain limitations, Lil can be safely used within a wide range of temperatures without any risks of breakage.
  • Beautiful design. The heating system looks very stylish and offers to choose from several pleasant colors.


Where to buy original devices near me?

To purchase a good Lil Solid system, it’s required to find a reliable distributor. In this case, you’ll be able to enjoy all the advantages of the device. High-quality heating systems straight from Philip Morris International as well as original sticks for them are available at the Sticks7 online store.

We offer not just the best price but also a diversity of colors and an opportunity to deliver products to almost every part of the USA in the shortest time.

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