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Enjoy the exceptional taste of premium tobacco with innovative IQOS devices

IQOS devices have already become common for millions of people across the world. They managed to completely change the process of smoking and have a significant impact on the whole industry. Such heating systems are unique and diverse. The manufacturer keeps developing the products in order to provide a more pleasant and safe smoking experience as well as wonderful tastes of tobacco blends. Buy original IQOS devices. Make an order at the Sticks7 store to improve your smoking experience.


What is an IQOS heating system?

Such devices are created by a famous company Philip Morris International. One of the ideas of the manufacturer was to reduce the harmful impact of traditional cigarettes. Thus, the heating systems were developed in order to offer a high-quality alternative to people who don’t want to give up smoking.

The main peculiarity is the construction of the device. In general, any version consists of a charger and holder. To use the system, special sticks are required. IQOS works in a very peculiar way. Thanks to innovative technologies, it is able to heat the tobacco (which is located in sticks). As a result, there’s no burning process connected with the system usage. Thus, there are no combustion products that can harm human health and the environment.

The heating process is realized with the help of the blade — a special element situated either inside of the device or a stick depending on the IQOS version. As a result of heating, a vapor is produced. It goes through a special filter and smokers feel nothing but a wonderful taste of tobacco and exceptional aroma.

IQOS comes in very different versions. The first series was launched in 2014. Year by year, the manufacturer kept developing the devices, making them more innovative and comfortable to use. Today, there exist over 5 varieties that can provide a wonderful smoking experience and become a safer alternative to standard cigarettes.


The advantages of the device — why to buy IQOS?

It’s possible to endlessly speak about the benefits of these innovative heating systems. Let’s observe the key advantages to understand all the charm of the device:

  • The absence of burning. There’s only heating that doesn’t have a negative influence on the environment and people’s health.
  • The absence of smoke. It’s more pleasant to use the heating system for smoking because only pleasant vapor is produced.
  • The feeling of satisfaction. The heating system guarantees a more effective nicotine delivery. Thus, you need fewer cigarettes to feel satisfied with a smoking experience.
  • The comfort of usage. Turn the device on and off whenever you need or want.
  • Exceptional tobacco blends. Sticks are created by the same manufacturer and offer an impressive diversity of flavors made of premium tobacco.
  • Unique design. Everyone can choose the most suitable version and color of IQOS. The devices look very stylish and can become a part of your image.

What’s more, IQOS is a perfect way to give up smoking. While many people use them as an alternative, there are those who really manage to get rid of a bad habit forever.

You need to buy IQOS just once and then only purchase sticks, so it’s a very good investment.


The best versions of IQOS systems

Before you decide, which IQOS to buy, it’s required to get familiar with the existing varieties. There are many of them by now. And the choice mostly depends on your preferences. We just want to present the two most popular and innovative heating systems adored by smokers:

  • IQOS 3 DUO. It’s one of the latest versions of the first series presented by Philip Morris International. Compared to the previous devices, it can provide a few benefits such as faster changing and more smoking sessions. Thus, it’s possible to have 2 sessions without changing. Besides, the charger became more effective. Thanks to it, it’s possible to use the device for up to 35 sessions. The design is very nice and diverse. There’re several changing panels and pretty cases to keep the heating system safe. Such devices are compatible with all the existing types of Heets sticks.
  • IQOS Iluma. It’s one of the innovations of the company presented in 2021. The main difference is the use of the induction heating system. Compared to the DUO series, Iluma devices don’t contain a heating blade inside. A heating element is located inside of each stick to provide a smoother operation and a more pleasant smoking experience. It also makes the service life of the system much longer. For this version, special sticks called Terea were created. Only they are compatible with Iluma. The innovative creation has many advantages. In comparison to DUO, there’s no need to spend time on device cleaning. The sticks are closed at both ends. Iluma is represented by Iluma and Iluma One. The difference lies in size and weight. For those who would like to try IQOS for the first time, it might be more convenient to start with Iluma One. The versions are created in diverse designs and colors.

Observe the main peculiarities of each version and define the best one for yourself.


Where to find original IQOS near me?

If you want to have a wonderful smoking experience with IQOS, make sure to buy original products from reliable distributors. Sticks7 is a reputable online store, where you can find the most popular varieties of innovative heating systems. Together with a wide choice of sticks for the corresponding devices, we offer IQOS Duo, Iluma, and Iluma One with diverse designs. All you need is to choose the one that suits you best. Our devices are absolutely compatible with original electronic cigarettes — Heets and Terea.

Sticks7 will impress smokers with the best price and will deliver IQOS heating systems to every part of the USA. Try the innovative products created by Philip Morris International and enjoy all the benefits provided by a completely new way of smoking.

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