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Have a new experience with modernized Fiit sticks

Every modern smoker dreams of having an even more pleasant and overwhelming experience when they smoke electronic cigarettes. Thanks to the constant efforts of the manufacturer, all IQOS owners can now enjoy a new product called Fiits. Created by KT&G and Phillip Morris especially for Lil Solid devices, it will provide an incomparably deep and rich taste.

What are Fiits sticks?

A new product is something very close to well-known Heets created exclusively for IQOS. The cigarettes have the same length and size. They are even produced at the same factory, which guarantees exceptional quality. However, there are certain differences that should be taken into account:

  1. There’s a rod inside of Fiit sticksinstead of a traditional blade used in Heets. This element is required to provide the process of heating for the tobacco located inside of a stick.
  2. Tobacco arrangement is slightly different. Due to the structural peculiarities of new cigarettes, the tobacco arrangement is changed, so that to provide a deeper and richer taste of tobacco mixtures.
  3. Impressive compatibility. Compared to many other products, Fiits are highly compatible. It means that it’s possible to use them for Lil Solid and for other varieties of IQOS. Besides, the same concerns Heets. The same size makes them suitable for Lil Solid.
  4. Exclusive design. Original Fiits have their special package design in bright blue colors. At the same time, Heets are more known for their white packs.
  5. In comparison to the alternatives, Fiits sticks are significantly cheaper. Thus, they look more attractive in terms of budget.

These are possibly all the differences. The other parameters are traditional for IQOS owners. Thus, the pack consists of 20 sticks, each of which contains only premium-quality tobacco. It’s possible to choose out of several unique flavors, which even allow finding Heets alternatives.

What are the main benefits?

As the majority of Phillip Morris products, Fiits are exceptional. They managed to change the way people smoke by making the process safer and healthier. If we compare these sticks with standard cigarettes, it’s possible to discover many advantages of sticks:

  • Comfortable usage. Feel free to smoke whenever you want. It’s possible to turn on and turn off the device when you need. Besides, it helps save money on cigarettes because there’s no need to throw a stick away if you suddenly stop smoking it.
  • It’s important to remember that there’s no burning process connected with smoking Fiits. Thanks to a special element and a system used in Lil Solid, the tobacco gets heated. Thus, smokers will never inhale various combustion products.
  • A more pleasant smoking experience. For the creation of a smoking process, heating is used to produce vapor, not smoke. As a result, there’re no unpleasant smells or tearing from smoke, which are typical of traditional cigarettes. The only things you feel are a rich taste and wonderful aroma.
  • Environmental friendliness. In the case of standard cigarettes, the burning process produces lots of combustion products. It will never happen with Fiits because of a special technology, which provides a smoking experience by just heating the tobacco. Thus, it’s possible to take care of our body.
  • Various tastes. Traditional cigarettes are unlikely to offer such diversity. Even if there’s a choice of tastes and capsules, they are usually too sharp and intrusive. With Fiits, it’s possible to enjoy various pleasant tastes, which are characterized by softness, richness, and a nice aftertaste.

It’s also important to mention that Fiits can successfully compete with Heets. Even though they can’t provide such a diversity of flavors by now, they are attractive due to a significantly lower cost. You will hardly find such cheap Heets or their alternatives that preserve the same quality standards. Thus, Fiit for Lil Solid and IQOS owners is a perfect solution.

Which Fiits to buy – the diversity of flavors

Original Fiits sticks are able to offer various tastes, so every smoker can find a perfect blend to have a wonderful smoking experience. Let’s look at the most popular varieties:

  • Regular sky. This flavor is extremely soft and still close to classic cigarettes. To make it special, floral notes are added to create a light aftertaste and an amazing aroma.
  • There’s nothing better than rich tropic fruit, the taste of which smokers can find in this exceptional blend. Besides, the mixture is supplemented by light menthol hints, which adds certain freshness.
  • The name of the variety speaks for itself. It’s an extremely refreshing flavor with bright notes of sourness from citruses and a pleasant menthol aftertaste.
  • For conservative smokers, there’s nothing better than a classic mixture of fine tobacco and soft notes of nuts, which will wrap you with warmth.
  • For something sweeter and still fresh, try this variation. The mixture offers a wonderful taste of berries with their richness. The menthol aftertaste will make you feel absolutely satisfied.

All the flavors have their Heets alternatives. It means every IQOS smoker will be able to find a corresponding taste in the Fiits collection. Besides, the manufacturer keeps creating new varieties to diversify your smoking experience and widen your choice.

Where to buy Fiit cigarettes near me?

It’s sometimes difficult to find suitable sticks in a local shop. Besides, it’s extremely important to buy only original Fiits. Sticks7 online store is a reputable distributor of IQOS and Lil devices as well as premium-quality sticks for them. In the catalog, you will find a wide choice of Fiits flavors at a moderate price. The products meet all the quality standards, providing safety, compatibility, and comfort of usage. You will enjoy the richest tastes and finest tobacco blends, which will guarantee a nice smoking experience without significant damage to health and the environment. Buy Fiit sticks in a few clicks on our website, and we will surely deliver your sticks to almost any corner of the USA in the shortest time.

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