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Test a tobacco-warming innovation with Terea sticks

As soon as the first IQOS devices appeared on the market, they immediately changed the way people smoke. Thousands of people chose a healthier and safer alternative represented by small and delicious sticks. Since that time, Philip Morris International has never stopped modernizing its products and creating premium sticks for popular devices. IQOS Iluma became the latest innovation in the area. To make the smoking experience as satisfying as possible, special cigarettes for this device were also created.

What are Terea sticks?

Such cigarettes look similar to Heets and other varieties of such products at first sight. However, there’re several important things that make innovative sticks different. Let’s observe the key points, which make Terea special:

  1. They are created especially for IQOS Iluma. It means they are compatible only with this device. You can’t use them with other IQOS versions or use other sticks for IQOS Iluma.
  2. The cigarettes contain a warming bar. The previous versions of sticks are different because a heating blade is located inside of the device, not sticks. With Terea, the manufacturer changed the way of heating by the integration of an induction heating system. Thus, the tobacco gets heated with almost no actual contact. When the temperature reaches 350 °C, the vapor aerosol is produced instead of smoke.
  3. A richer taste. It’s achieved thanks to an innovative system of tobacco heating. The tobacco is warmed from the inside, which provides a better nicotine delivery and more pleasant puffs. Besides, effective heating allows you to use one stick longer compared to alternatives.
  4. Stick construction. First of all, new cigarettes are smaller compared to Heets. And secondly, they have a closed structure, which makes them look like capsules.
  5. New advanced tastes. The manufacturer took care of the diversity of new products, so smokers will have a chance to enjoy fundamentally new and delicious flavors. The premium quality of tobacco is preserved.

Today, Terea sticks are produced in Japan and in Europe. Each factory can offer very different and unique tastes to allow everyone to find a perfect flavor.

The main advantages of Terea

Such sticks might become a wonderful alternative to harmful conventional cigarettes. Besides, they proved to be helpful for those who want to give up smoking. Terea products possess numerous benefits, which are as follows:

  • The absence of combustion products. The key benefit of such electronic cigarettes is a heating process used instead of burning. When we smoke traditional cigarettes, the tobacco is burnt, which leads to the production of smoke and combustion products. Thus, traditional smokers breathe them in, which can cause lots of harm to their respiratory system. It will never happen with Terea. What’s more, an innovative heating system makes sticks more eco-friendly, so it’s a good solution for people who want to take care of nature.
  • A compact and stylish design. New sticks are small even compared to predecessors. Thanks to their structure and design, they look very attractive.
  • A longer smoking experience. Thanks to the advanced induction heating system, the tobacco is evenly heated from the inside. As a result, you can use one stick longer.
  • The comfort of usage. Electronic cigarettes are extremely convenient. Decide when to start or stop smoking thanks to the modern device. There’s also no need to throw a stick away after a few puffs if you suddenly need to turn your IQOS off.
  • A very pleasant aroma. There’re no smoke produced. The smell of a vapor is extremely pleasant. Besides, everyone can choose a preferable taste. What’s more, Terea sticks are initially created with a more intense aroma.
  • The diversity of flavors. A new series is represented by an extensive collection of tastes from traditional ones to the most extraordinary and juicy flavors.
  • The absence of necessity to clean the device. Due to the special structure of the device and sticks, the device will never get clogged up.

Choosing a flavor

The choice of flavors is really great. First of all, it’s required to pay attention to the country of origin because flavors made in Japan and Europe are different and unique. It’s possible to distinguish several groups of flavors – menthol, regular, and flavored menthol. Let’s observe several most popular varieties and their peculiarities:

  • Balanced Regular. It’s a more conservative taste made with a mild tobacco mixture. It’s supplemented with light citrus and herbal notes.
  • Lemon Menthol. It’s one of the bright representatives of a flavored menthol collection. It’s very refreshing thanks to bright notes of citrus and a wonderful menthol aftertaste.
  • Purple Menthol. For the fans of sweeter and juicier tastes, this variety will become a perfect choice. It has a rich berry taste added with menthol. Altogether, they create a wonderful harmony and an exceptional aroma.
  • It’s one more classic variation that can attract smokers with a rich taste of premium tobacco with pleasant malty notes.
  • Tropical Menthol. Come back to summer with this wonderful fruit flavor, which creates an exceptional balance with mint notes.
  • Black Menthol. It’s a bright example of a purely menthol collection. Its strong menthol flavor brings incomparable coolness, which is softened by a light fruit aftertaste.

Terea for IQOS can offer many other varieties to satisfy any smoker with an amazing flavor and a wonderful aroma. Every blend is represented by a high-quality tobacco mixture to allow you to really enjoy smoking.


Where to buy Terea near me?

To enjoy all the benefits of new sticks, it’s vital to choose a reputable distributor to buy original products. The latest will provide:

  • Premium-quality tobacco blends, which meet all the standards
  • Safety for human health and environmental friendliness
  • A diversity of flavors
  • Exceptional tastes and aromas
  • Guaranteed compatibility with any IQOS Iluma devices.

At the Sticks7 online store, everyone will find a perfect option and buy Terea at an affordable price. The catalog contains only original products, which can be delivered to almost any part of the USA.

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