Discover the best tobacco flavors with Heets sticks

Today, everyone can shift to a healthier and more quality lifestyle thanks to the creation of innovative Heets sticks and the corresponding tobacco heating devices. The special construction and premium components of those sticks will help try diverse flavors and feel wonderful aromas while getting more satisfied with the smoking experience.


How do Heets sticks work?

To understand the principle of Heets, it’s important to know how IQOS devices work. The manufacturer used innovative technologies for the creation of such gadgets, so they provide more safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

The devices such as IQOS heat sticks, which means the tobacco located inside never gets burnt. As a result, you don’t inhale smoke or any combustion products. In the process of warming, a vapor is produced, which is safe for the human body and the environment. In addition, the taste becomes richer and more pleasant because all you feel is a genuine tobacco flavor.

The heating process becomes possible thanks to a special blade located inside IQOS devices. Heets sticks consist of a filter that helps eliminate excessive moisture and additives in tobacco. The tobacco used for the sticks isn’t just carefully selected. It’s dried, fermented, and ground to take its place in a compact stick.

Discover the best tobacco flavors with Heets sticks

How to choose Heets sticks?

The varieties of Heets are numerous. The manufacturer tries to meet the requirements of every smoker, which is why the company keeps creating more flavors. To find the best type of sticks, you can answer a few questions:

  1. Do you prefer conservative flavors or want to enjoy something sweet or extraordinary?
  2. What intensity of tobacco do you need?
  3. Do you want to feel certain freshness while smoking?
  4. Do you like smoking plain cigarettes or cigarettes with a capsule?

All the rest depends on your personal preferences. As more flavors are regularly created, every smoker has a chance to try something new and pleasant.


The benefits of Heets

Heets sticks offer a great number of advantages and become a perfect alternative to standard cigarettes. Consider such indisputable benefits:

  • Safety for people and environment. As we’ve mentioned, there’s no burning connected with IQOS sticks smoking. The tobacco gets warmed in order to produce vapor, which has no harm to human body and the environment.
  • Sticks are compact and comfortable to use. You can start or stop smoking at any time you need or want by just pressing a button on your device.
  • More satisfying. Thanks to the more effective nicotine delivery system, it’s possible to feel more satisfied with fewer sticks.
  • Money saving. Each stick offers up to 14 puffs or up to 6 minutes of smoking. Due to the fact you need fewer sticks to feel satisfied, you won’t need to buy them very often, which leads to savings.


The diversity of flavors

Heets are the widest variety of sticks for tobacco heating systems. The collection allows everyone to choose the most suitable flavor. Heets are represented by a classic series with intense flavors and notes of nuts, cocoa, and others, a menthol series with pleasant refreshing notes of menthol and wonderful tastes of berries, citrus, and fruit, and special lines of products with capsules and extraordinary fusions.

People frequently ask, “Can I buy Heets in the US?” You can buy from us, a reliable distributor of original products, which will be absolutely compatible with IQOS and provide the genuine taste of premium tobacco.

Choose the best for your IQOS device and enjoy amazing flavors and aromas!

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