Test innovative Terea sticks for a more advanced and pleasant smoking experience

Constant development of smoking gadgets opens more possibilities for smokers to replace their bad habits with something healthier and more pleasant. One of the latest innovations in the industry is called Terea. These are compact sticks for tobacco heating systems, which are able to provide more satisfaction and fewer risks.


What is Terea?

There’s hardly any modern smoking person who has never heard of IQOS. It’s an innovative tobacco heating system, which managed to replace the burning process typical to standard cigarettes. The novelty was presented by Philip Morris International. And the latest product created by the company was called IQOS Iluma. Together with a new device, compatible sticks were also presented by the manufacturer. They are called Terea.

Terea sticks are different from Heets and other varieties of products for tobacco heating systems. With Terea, smokers can enjoy a cleaner and even more comfortable experience. These sticks became a next-step evolution of the tobacco industry by offering a completely new construction. The thing is that a heating element, which is traditionally integrated into IQOS devices, now becomes a part of a stick. Thanks to this, the tobacco gets warmed more evenly and effectively while your IQOS Iluma device never needs cleaning. As a result, you can forget about worries connected with IQOS maintenance and correct functioning. Such a solution makes the heating system more long-lasting.

Test innovative Terea sticks for a more advanced and pleasant smoking experience

IQOS devices for Terea

Terea sticks are an innovation. If you want to try new flavors and an advanced smoking experience, it’s important to make sure you have a compatible device. The following models can be used with Terea: IQOS Iluma and IQOS Iluma One.

These devices are compact and comfortable to hold in hand. They offer faster charging and a larger number of consecutive smoking sessions.


The advantages of Terea

Both the manufacturer and Iluma owners underline the following benefits of IQOS Terea sticks:

  • A better taste of tobacco thanks to an innovative technology used for heating
  • A more intense and pleasant aroma for a smoker and people around
  • The unity of flavor and fragrance thanks to a careful choice of tobacco blends
  • Environmental friendliness due to the absence of burning, combustion products, and smoke.


Another crucial advantage of Terea is a collection of flavors and blends available to smokers that includes these varieties:

  • Classic flavors. They are suitable for those who prefer traditional flavors without exotic or fresh notes. The blends offer a deep tobacco taste with slight notes of herbs and citrus.
  • Fresh flavors. This category is diverse and includes various blends supplemented with pleasant hints of menthol. There’re pure menthol blends and varieties with citrus and other notes.
  • Fruit and berry flavors. For people who like juicy, rich, and exotic flavors during smoking, this collection is a perfect choice. The blends are sweet and fresh with amazing fragrances.


For the manufacturer of IQOS sticks, it’s already a tradition to choose only high-quality tobacco for its products. Terea sticks didn’t become an exception, so all the owners of IQOS Iluma will have a chance to enjoy the premium tobacco, which is dried, fermented, and ground in order to be placed into compact innovative sticks.

We are a reliable IQOS Terea USA distributor, where you can buy original products compatible with your Iluma. Choose the best variety of Terea sticks from our catalog and enjoy a more advanced smoking experience!

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