Choosing the best IQOS model for you

In recent years, Philip Morris International has created numerous models of IQOS devices. Every time, the manufacturer tries to make a new product more comfortable and innovative by using the latest technologies and taking the preferences of smokers into account. Today, the choice of heating systems is great, so it becomes really hard to choose a perfect one. What is the best IQOS model? Read the article and find out everything about each modification to make the right decision.


The diversity of IQOS devices

IQOS is a tobacco heating system created as a healthier and more comfortable alternative to standard cigarettes. The use of IQOS allows decreasing the risks to human health and the environment, and preventing combustion products and smoke from being released. When we smoke IQOS, we inhale a vapor, which first goes through a special filtering system located inside of each stick. As a result, we feel only the genuine taste of tobacco and its wonderful aroma.

The devices presented in the modern market are numerous, so it becomes hard to choose one of the models, especially when you want to try IQOS for the first time. Let’s observe the most popular variations and their peculiarities:

  1. IQOS 3 DUO. This model became an innovation in the line. Compared to the classic version IQOS 2.4, this model offers more variations of colors (including limited editions). The main benefit of the modification is a chance to use it for 2 consecutive sessions without charging. The device is compact and comfortable to use. The total number of sessions with one charge is 20. One session offers up to 14 puffs. However, it’s not the most lightweight model in a range of devices. Heets sticks are used for the device.
  2. IQOS Lil. It’s an alternative to the main IQOS line, which offers an experience that resembles electronic cigarettes or vapes. The model has no parts because it’s created as one device. You will never lose a holder or a charger. In order to charge the gadget, just connect it to the source of power. 3 sessions in a row are possible with Lil (14 puffs for one session). The number of sessions with a full charge is also 20. One of the important advantages is the possibility to use the device in any condition. It can effectively function when the temperature is from -20 to +58 °C. Such a feature makes Lil different from all the other IQOS devices. The total weight is about 100 g, so it’s not actually heavy. For Lil, Fiit sticks should be purchased.
  3. IQOS Iluma. It’s an innovative device that is recommended to people who want to try IQOS for the first time and replace traditional cigarettes. It’s compact, stylish, and comfortable to use. The main difference of this model is that the heating element is located inside of Terea sticks, not inside of the device like in the other variations of IQOS. As a result, the device becomes more durable and there’s no need to clean it from time to time. Iluma is represented by several modifications, which are slightly different in their designs. In general, the series offers a great choice of colors and textures. One session can last up to 6 minutes with 20 puffs available. To fully charge the device, only 90 minutes are required, so it’s much faster compared to the other models.

Choosing the best IQOS model for you

IQOS: how to use?

Before buying a suitable model, make certain to understand how to correctly use the devices. The process is usually the same for all modifications:

  1. Insert a stick into a holder.
  2. Press a button to start the heating process.
  3. Wait for the vibration signal.
  4. Enjoy an amazing taste of tobacco mixture.

Choose your perfect IQOS device and change the way you smoke!

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