IQOS Blinks Red When Charging

Many individuals prefer using IQOS, a kind of electronic cigarette that generates heat rather than smoke. However, many users experience difficulties with their IQOS devices because they don’t know how to care for them after purchasing them properly. One of these problems is the blinking red of IQOS when charging.

What Does Blinking Red on IQOS Mean?

Confused by the various IQOS LED lights yet eager to try them out? If your IQOS battery is solid white, it is completely charged, and if it’s flashing white, it’s charging.

If your Holder is solid red, it has finished discharging. Putting the Holder into the Pocket Charger and waiting the expected five minutes should fully charge it.

Does the red LED light blink or flash on either the IQOS charger or Holder? Suppose the red light on your IQOS device is flashing rapidly. In that case, the charging port is not making good contact. 

One of the most common issues with IQOS is that it will no longer charge. The IQOS charger or holder’s red light flashes. If the gadget is severely damaged, a reset could be all that’s needed to get it working again. Take a look at these simple instructions to see what to do.

If the Holder lights up in red while charging but continues to charge completely, it means the battery is about to die.

You may take it into an IQOS shop, your dealer, or a Pop-up store if you suspect a flaw that can’t be fixed with a simple reset.

What Does “Flashing Red” During Wireless Charging Mean?

The charging case’s indicator will flash red twice as often as necessary to alert you that the wireless charging pad is too hot for continued use. Because of the high internal temperature, charging has been temporarily suspended to preserve the battery. When this occurs, take the case off the wireless charger and let it cool to room temperature before trying to charge it again.

If the charging case is not properly aligned with the wireless charging pad, charging may stall or even stop altogether, and the case may get dangerously hot. Instructions for placing the charging case on the charging pad may be found in the pad’s user guide.

You should remove any covers or other attachments from the charging case before beginning the charging process. If the cover is either thin or too thick, or if anything becomes wedged between the charging case and the cover, the charging process may not go as smoothly as it should, increasing the risk of fire, burns, or personal injury.

Can The IQOS Be Charged While It Is In The Holder?

The Pocket Charger is fully functional both with and without the Holder attached. To begin charging, place the Holder inside the Pocket Charger and toggle the power switch to the ON position. It is unnecessary to charge the Pocket Charger before the first use completely; however, doing so is recommended for optimal performance.

Can You Leave IQOS Charging Overnight?

Overcharging your IQOS battery is a common method to shorten its lifespan. If you leave your IQOS gadget charging overnight, the battery may die. Unplugging your IQOS after it is completely charged is a simple way to extend its battery life, but at the expense of some convenience.

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