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Feel a new flavor of life with Heets sticks

The smoking experience might become completely different with high-quality products and suitable flavors. Many people today try to shift from harmful and low-quality traditional cigarettes to something completely new. Electronic cigarettes started a revolution among smokers. They got a chance to forget about unpleasant smells, ash, and other disadvantages. Many smokers choose to buy Heets because they think they are best to smoke with pleasure and comfort.


What is Heets?

Heets is an original line of vaping products of the premium class. These so-called cigarettes developed for IQOS are created as small white sticks, which contain exceptional mixtures of tobacco. Thanks to a special ‘shell’, such sticks can be inserted into IQOS, where they are heated to a very high temperature. As a result, a vapor-based aerosol is created instead of smoke, which is typical for traditional cigarettes. Heets sticks are safe as, thanks to aluminum foil, they are not actually burnt, just heated. Thanks to a special membrane filter, excess water vapor gets removed while the sensory temperature of the aerosol is pleasant. The tobacco filter used in these sticks was created especially for IQOS. The taste of Heets is very similar to the taste of standard cigarettes, so it will be easy to replace the latest with them.


The main benefits of Heets for IQOS

Such sticks are a good choice in comparison to any standard cigarettes. Observe the key advantages of such products:

  • Low levels of toxic and carcinogenic substances emitted
  • A better nicotine delivery system, so less tobacco is required for a stick
  • Better breath and more pleasant smell as there’s no smoke produced
  • Pleasant tastes represented by the great diversity of flavors
  • Convenience as it’s possible to start and stop smoking at any time
  • Greater environmental friendliness because sticks produce less waste
  • Cost-effectiveness in the long run because you need fewer cigarettes and won’t have significant negative consequences even after many years of smoking Heets.

In addition, smoking Heets sticks is something that can help give up smoking at all if you have such a purpose. The decrease in the number of cigarettes a day allows dealing with negative habits more effectively.


Which Heets to buy? – Heets flavors

One of the key peculiarities of such cigarettes is that they are represented by a wide variety of tastes. Thus, everyone can find a perfect flavor and smoke with pleasure. In general, it’s possible to divide the available tastes into those, which are closer to standard cigarettes, and those, which have fresh fruit tastes. Thus, if Heets cigarettes seem too harsh for you, one of the fresh flavors is always a way out.

Let’s look at a few most popular and delicious flavors:

  • It has a pleasant menthol taste with spicy notes, which helps feel refreshed and forget about harmful menthol cigarettes.
  • Sun pearl. If you’re searching for something juicier, try this flavor, which contains a touch of summer berries supplemented by menthol freshness. As an alternative, you can try Heets Arbor Pearl with a fruity and menthol taste.
  • Amarelo fuse. It’s a perfect choice for the fans of citruses. Slight acidity together with a wonderful aroma will grant a pleasant smoking experience.
  • This flavor contains herbal notes with spicy touches. The variety is soft and fragrant.
  • It’s one of the original flavors, which has mild touches of cocoa. At the same time, the tobacco is strong enough and suitable for those who prefer heavy cigarettes.
  • It’s another good choice for heavy smokers. The roasted and well-balanced blend of tobacco makes the taste reach and pleasant.
  • For those, who prefer something more conservative, this flavor characterized by herbal notes, will become a perfect choice. There’re velvety touches and malt notes here as well, which add something special to the flavor.

It’s also necessary to mention the newest flavors from Heets presented in 2020, which are called Creations. The collection is represented by four exceptional variations:

  • Apricity
  • Noor
  • Yugen

These are original blends, which unite citruses, nuts, flowers, fruits, spices, herbs, and finally woody and creamy flavors. If you are looking for something new and extraordinary with sweet touches, these new tastes are something you should try for your IQOS.


Where to buy Heets sticks?

It’s crucial to choose only official distributors to purchase sticks for IQOS. It’s necessary to be sure that you buy only original products, which won’t do any harm and provide a pleasant smoking experience. Pay attention that all original Heets sticks are produced by Philip Morris International and created exceptionally to use with IQOS. Original products have the following benefits:

  • The highest quality of tobacco. Only well-selected tobacco is used in original sticks. Thus, they possess premium quality and exceptional flavor. The official manufacturer strictly controls every step of production.
  • Guaranteed compatibility. Original sticks are created especially for IQOS, so it is always better to search for reliable distributors in order to avoid situations when your sticks do not fit the device.
  • The issue of flavor. Original products are represented by a variety of tastes. Those flavors are unique, rich, and pleasant. The same concerns the aroma, which is also important for IQOS owners.
  • Non-original products can cause various issues when it comes to health. Original products are legal and proven to be safe.


Original Heets sticks will become a wonderful alternative to traditional cigarettes and can even help fight the bad habit. If you want to do a search query ‘Heets Sticks near me’, just visit our STICKS7 online store. In our catalog, you’ll find only original Heets sticks with diverse flavors as well as all the necessary devices and sticks for them, which will help forget about standard smoking and make the first step to a healthier life.

We offer reasonable prices, fast delivery across the USA, and only certified products of the highest quality!

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